Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health

Analyze the concerns of a young person in today’s society and the pressures and influences that may severely affect the youth’s mental health and ability to cope. Include the following:

• Identify resources available in your own community that you can utilize to promote the emotional well-being of youth.

• Develop a plan of how you, as a leader in the human behavior field, can improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery.

• Examine your state laws and discuss your role when a young person threatens suicide.

• Provide validation and support for assertions by including relevant examples and supporting evidence.


Levy’s 2014 article, “Adolescent Substance Use,” from Pediatric Annals, volume 43, issue 10, pages 406–407.

Osilla, Pedersen, Ewing, Miles, Ramchand, & D’Amico’s 2014 article, “The Effects of Purchasing Alcohol and Marijuana Among Adolescents At-Risk for Future Substance Use,” from Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy, volume 9, page 38.

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