Privacy Policy

When applying to hire our writers to help with custom essays, the website may need to collect some personal information about our customers. Our privacy policy covers any information collected on our website visitors and also our service users.

Information Obtained when you browse our Website

The web server used by our company is designed in such a way that standard information are collected about the computer being used. For instance, the browser type, operating system and even the time of visit are usually obtained. This, however, does not identify our visitor, and the company does not make an attempt to do the same. This is because we value your privacy as our visitor.

The information collected, however, is very important for the development of our website as it provides guidance on how the web pages can be customized or adapted to suit the needs of all our viewers. No third party is given access to such information that have been collected.

Information Obtained when Using our Services

Any contact information submitted to the website at the time of signup may be used to reach our customers. The email address is basically used to communicate by sending notifications regarding the order being handled. It is the main mode of communication between our customers and writers. Such notifications may be discontinued by simply communicating that they are not needed.


Retrieving personal data is a sensitive topic as some customers may feel offended by it. This is why any issues or concerns raised on the topic are taken seriously. Hence, visitors and service users are encouraged to raise their voices whenever they feel that the act is being conducted in an inappropriate manner.

Suggestions for improving this procedure to also enhance customer experience are all appreciated.

Personal Information Access

Openness is a factor that is encouraged within this company as it is what enhances the development of a productive relationship with our customers. This is why any individual can request to know which types of information are being held by the company. Hence, if any information is being held, you will be given a description of it, an explanation of why we have it, develop an assumption of who else knows about it, and lastly offer a copy of the same.

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