Your Task

Your Task

For this assignment you are required to write a report (the word limit for this report is 4000 words).

1. You will find an outline of the expected structure in the Assessment Criteria for the Report section.

2. In this report, you are required to show that you have considered academic books and/or articles. You will also need to reference these appropriately in APA style. You can find a list of recommended reading for this course in the Library catalogue.

3. Please note that a 10% variance in the word limit is allowed. You will need to choose an organisation to evaluate in this report. You may choose the organisation that you used in Assignment 2 if you wish (please find “Assignment 2” attached.)

Your Analysis

1. Provide a full analysis of your chosen organisation as follows:

a. Write an overview of the organisation including the following:
i. Describe the organisation you have chosen
ii. Briefl y evaluate the organisational culture
iii. Identify any change that might be needed before the introduction of quality management.

b. Analyse two quality tools that can be used as part of overall quality
management, including:
i. Defi ning and describing these tools and their contribution to quality improvement

ii. Explaining how each might be useful to your chosen organisation.

c. Assess the value of process re-engineering to the organisation by:
i. Explaining what it is and how it might be used to improve quality in an organisation
ii. Discussing its suitability for your chosen organisation.

d. Evaluate the types of quality standards available and recommend (with reasons) one which is suitable for your chosen organisation.
e. Develop a project plan to improve quality within the organisation by
implementing your chosen quality management approach. You should
include a simple network analysis, with estimated action times and a
critical path.

2. Finally, develop your conclusions and recommendations based on the analysis.

Ethical issues
Any information given will be treated in strict confidence by the Open
Polytechnic. You may wish to use a fi ctitious name for the organisation you
choose, but it is not necessary.

Assessment criteria for the report
Please use the following format for your report.
Your lecturer will assess your report using the following broad criteria:

Executive summary
Highlights key points and overall outcomes. (5 marks)

This provides an adequate basis for understanding the purpose of the report.
(5 marks)

The analysis discusses and interprets material / evidence with relevance to the
topic. Overall, the situation is analysed carefully and logically, with key issues
interpreted rationally. Any opinions are supported by facts or evidence and the following areas are covered:

a) Description / overview of chosen organisation (10 marks)
b) Assessment of quality tools (15 marks)
c) Value of processes (15 marks)
d) Types of quality standard (15 marks)
e) Project plan. (15 marks)

A conclusion should be presented which provides recommendations and follows on from the analysis. (10 marks)

Overall presentation includes any appendices (as required), appropriate
referencing, structure and clarity, length and presentation overall. (10 marks)

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