Your Project

Your Project

Length: 1000 quality words and support
Submission method options
EASTS (online)
Individually, think about about a project you might be involved in or would like to understand better.
Based on Lectures and tutorials to date develop a project plan in MS project or any other Project Management software tool – SG Project / Xplan (iPad) Basecamp ( ) or
Your Project needs to have the following components and you will present an overview of your project and submit a hard copy in Week 5
You need to have Goals, Scope and Assumptions?A project Priority Matrix?up to 25 structured tasks not including major deliverables or milestones?A start date, finish date and duration?Precedence of tasks?A single report to capture the project?Resources with costs – people, places, facilities?Graphical evidence of your project (Gantt Chart, Network diagram, Resource lists, Cash Flow, Project summary reports)?Supporting management material – other evidence that ties your project together and makes it workable?A “baseline” ready project.
Consider this an opportunity to propose a project ready to run, ensure the project and the support material reflect that this project could be implemented if it was given the Green Light !
This assignment is designed for you to:?Plan and prepare a project plan (typically in MS Word or PowerPoint) as well as your Microsoft Project outputs;?Evaluate alternative courses of action and justify them;?Use project software to build and communicate your plan (typically this will be Microsoft Project 2010 or 2013, however you may use other versions or other software(Merlin, Xplan), if they are available to you).
Communicate your knowledge of core PM ideas and principles.?
Marking criteria
MGT290 A1 – Rubric
On successful completion of this assessment, students will
1.      be able to present a completed and comprehensive project plan;
2.      be able to utilise project management software as a tool for planning and managing a project;
3.      be able to apply the sociocultural (people, culture and communication) dimensions of projects across all aspects of projects; and
4.      Be able to develop an implementation plan for transfer of outcomes to application in the workplace.

Individual Assignment

Fail    Pass    Credit    Distinction    HD
Rationale for the Project plan (5 marks)    Rationale not clear / not specific enough    Satisfactory rationale for the plan    Good explanation of rationale for the plan    Very good explanation of rationale for the plan    Excellent explanation of rationale for the Project
2. Project Plan (15 marks)
a) Included Reports from Software (/5)    No Reports    Various Reports    All required Reports with logic organisation    Very good reports, logical and well linked to the project    Excellent reports and strong integration of report material with demonstrated report understanding.
b) Theory integration and referencing (/5)    No Theory
Referencing is absent / not systematic    Minimal theory and no or limited integration
Some attempt at referencing    Good Theory sources and good attempt to integrate it with the project components
Referencing is mainly accurate    Very good relevant theory with strong integration to ensure project robustness
Referencing is mainly accurate    Excellent Theory and clever integration to build a strong case for the project plan
Referencing is consistently accurate
c) Project Complete Components    Not all project components included and or project incomplete i.e. not ready for baseline    Most project components present and explained – ready for baseline    All Project components present and well explained / communicated, baselined project    Very well capture project with all components and good explanation of logic, easy to understand    Excellent project well captured and complete in explanation and ready for signoff
7. Report & Presentation (5 marks)
a)The report should be written in an appropriate style (/0)    Disorganised / incoherent    Attempt to organise in a logical manner    Organisation  / presentation can be improved    Logically organised / professionally presented / some improvement possible    Polished and imaginative approach / very professionally presented
b) Physical Project Presentation (/5)    Disorganized attempt to share the project    Project presentation with reading    Project presentation with support and enthusiasm    Project communicated to audience, good engagement    Engaging project presentation well understood and strongly communicated

This is a report to management to get a Green Light for your Project. Ensure it is a well researched and baseline ready project and that the report is a balance of theory, Your Project and software outputs.
You are required to present your project plan to the project sponsor that shows how you propose to implement this project. As a minimum you should provide your plan as a business report including typical plan components such as objectives and goals, risk assessment and other elements you feel are important to support this project, and required to obtain approval from the project sponsor. You must also incorporate, as a minimum, the following specific project software outputs:
?project summary?Gantt chart/s?cash flow/budget?network diagram?resource sheet?and any other content you feel is appropriate.
The assignment will be marked on the basis of the?sponsor’s understanding of how you plan to complete this project in the most effective manner. This means value for money, timeframe, presentation, understanding of your approach and consistency and accuracy of the plan.
As you prepare your report, don’t forget to format the software so that reports (e.g. Gantt chart) are easy to read and can be handled (ideally on 1 page) as part of a meaningful project plan.
You are presenting your plan to the project sponsor who needs to understand your project plan, have confidence in you as the project manager and have the appropriate supporting documentation to back up your approach.
NOTE: Please do not submit electronic files with your assignment. Your report needs to stand alone in communicating how you have developed and justified your plan.

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