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Wikis assist with the creation, collaboration and dissemination of resources and information. For this assessment you are creating a wiki individually, but it will provide an important tool in the development of your group presentation.
This resource guides you through how to correctly structure this assessment task.
As an assessment we are looking for:
–APA reference of the source material
–A summary of the main arguments or ideas presented within the source
–An evaluation and reflection on how the source fits the scope your topic and its usefulness in conducting research on the topic
–Meeting the 800 word limit
–Scholarly source, evidence of literature search that includes either journal articles or books.
Some hints for the assessment include:
• Write in paragraph structure
• Write in full sentences using academic writing style
• Use transition words (e.g. furthermore, moreover, however, therefore …)
• Be concise – mention only significant details in your summary
• Remember you are writing in reference to the topic and presentation you are to deliver
• Use examples from other WIki’s (ie wikipedia) to guide and check your writing style

This is a mock wiki so it will not help you too much with your research but it might help with structure, format, and some other issues that you might be facing in writing the wiki. It is important for you to make sure that you use a standard academic paragraph structure consisting of sentences that make use of the research you have done to support your argument. In this assessment we want to see you to referencecorrectly and apply the referencing format throughout the assessment (AuthorA, Year). This will also mean including a reference list at the end of your submission (see below).

As for the content of wiki, you should be making use of your research to reflect on how your sources have informed your understanding of the topic (Author B and Author C, Year). This means you need to acknowledge the 4 pieces you have identified as being most useful for your work on the topic (AuthorD et al, Year). In your submission, we are looking for your informed understanding of the topic. This understanding should reflect the strengths and weaknesses you have found in your sources. It should also highlight anything unique in the sources that have helped you respond to your topic.
There are different ways to structure your wiki. This could be a source by source reflection (see below for an example)
• Introduction
• Source 1
• Source 2
• Source 3
• Source 4
Another format is to discuss the topic and integrate your reflection within the wiki (see below for an example)
• Introduction
• The topic
• Strengths (Source 1-4)
• Weaknesses (Sources 1-4)
• Overall Reflection (Sources 1-4)

The latter format will allow for more depth in the reflection because it allows the author to cover similarities and difference in the sources in the same context. This type of reflection also encourages a greater depth of understanding from the author and the reader.
In developing your wiki, you may also find it helpful to add links to examples, news articles, or youtube videos. While this is not required, it is a useful tool in demonstrating your knowledge and may help you and your group when it comes to developing your presentations.

After you get all 4 sources, can you upload all the sources to me so I can give it to my tute for the reference.

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