Written Assignment

Written Assignment: How has the juvenile justice system evolved from the parens patriae model to the due-process model? Discuss the Supreme Court decisions that brought about this evolution. Many of the juveniles in the system are there because of drug-related behaviors. Is the due-process model the most appropriate for dealing with these problems? What reforms of the system would you propose and why?

Address these questions in a paper of 5-7 pages (double-spaced).

General Instruction for Written Assignments

Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. When you submit your written assignment, you may want to submit it as an .RTF file attachment, as these usually retain your formatting.

Throughout this course, there are four main resources that you can rely on that will enable you to successfully complete written assignments:

Empire State College’s Library and Research Resources – link here for the web-based online Library’s home page that can be reached any time of day or night.
Writing Resource Center – link here for access to writing resources developed by Empire State College and the Genesee Valley Center Writing Program.
Empire State College’s Writer’s Complex – link here for writing tips and assistance.
Research Tips for Distance Learning Students – link here for recommended resources for distance learners.
Please read the SUNY Empire State College statement on Academic Integrity before submitting any work for this course. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question.
During this meeting his boss outlined a problem which was looming at the docks in Southampton. This involved a cargo of bananas which had just arrived by container ship from the Caribbean. It seems that the dock workers are refusing to unload the cargo unless and until they are given higher wages. Their Union is backing them up in this action. The bananas will ripen within the next 48 hours, and unless they are unloaded, will be useless and the whole cargo lost. Richard’s boss has passed on this problem for him to solve.
Just before Richard left the room his boss called him back and said: “Oh, Richard, I am leaving the company, and I want you to buy out my interest in the company. Think about it carefully”.
Richard left, but not liking the tone of the last sentence. It sounded to him like a threat, and that he had no option.
When he got home, he found that his wife had had a visit from the bank manager, and had mortgaged their house to the bank, to satisfy some long outstanding debts to the bank.
Advise Richard as to his three problems:
The Union and the dock workers refusing to unload the cargo
The boss apparently threatening him or pressurising him to buy his (the Chairman’s) interest in the company
His wife mortgaging their house to the bank

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