Writing in the 21st Century

Writing in the 21st Century

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After carefully considering the rhetorical situation and your own motivation, take the short essay you already have and transform it into an approximately 1000-1500
word op-ed. That is, given everything that you have read and discussed, what do you want to say about writing constructs?
For instance, you might decide to use the ideas you explored in Essay 1 to write an op-ed essay for
a 21st century writing class or project.

Please take the 500 word essay I will upload and transform it into a ~1500 word op-ed essay about ‘Writing in the 21st Century’. This essay will reference a text by

Kathleen Yancey, which I will also upload. The writer can add outside sources if seen beneficial

Ahmed Yamani
Ms. Brown
First-Year Writing
Project 1 Essay 1
What does it mean to be a Writer in the 21st Century?

Writers in the 21st century have become fixated on the need for revenue rather than the art of writing. In the modern era, educational institutions, and theaters still

refer and use archaic material from writers such as Shakespeare to emphasize the ideology of writing culture. This emanates from the historic aspect of entertainment,

where money and fame were considered irrelevant to the art of writing. In some cases, there is a heavy influence in writing based on historic and popular writings

because modern creativity has become mute. Therefore, the 21st century is plagued with individuals driven by money rather than the need to develop a creative depiction

and narrative of writing.
Shakespeare is considered the platform on which creative writing is based. His unique outlook on entertainment is evident in his writing. This has led to several

individuals drawing inspiration from his work, which includes copying some ideas and perspectives on writing. The foundation of Shakespeare’s writing focused on

entertainment and a dexterity in the use of the English language. However, modern writers have become focused on the revenue element of writing because it is essential

for people to receive payment for his/her work, which has a detrimental effect on the development of creativity. The modern era is money oriented, which invokes a

sense of conformity. For example, Stephen King has been considered a leader of fictional writing for decades based on his dexterity in fusing dynamic storyline with

gripping and emotional context. His writing style has been refined through the years to establish his unique perception of writing. The modern writers have sought to

forego the patient nature of developing a personal writing style because writers seek to gain prominence and money almost instantly. This has become a plague that

drives writers to use established measures of writing as the platform to generating revenue from writing.
Such greed has forced writers to seek what is popular in the market and seek to replicate the preferred writing style. This leads to several writers seeking to copy

popular writers in the modern so gain the same reputation. This negates creativity because modern writers do not wish to refine their craft by creating a unique piece.

In addition, copying a prominent writer’s style generates a “copycat,” which is not an accepted style by the public. In hindsight, it creates a greater appreciation

for the authentic writers who focus on developing their own style. Therefore, the fixation on money has become the demise of creativity in modern writing ideologies.

In education institutions, teachers refer to popular writers such as Shakespeare and King to inspire modern writers. However, there is a growing emphasis on

moneymaking strategies because it is perceived that writing is not a money or revenue generating occupation. The fixation on money blemishes writing because the modern

perception is writing should be a job rather than a passion. This perception is the catalyst for the decline in writing in the modern era. Newspaper article writers

indicate some level of creativity; however, it emanates from job security. The lack of job security has become the demise of writers in the 21st century.


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