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Writer’s choice

(Analysis and Presentation of Data) and, 16 (Exploring, displaying and examining data), answer the questions below.

Go to www.mhhe.com/cooper11e, click on “student edition”, go to cases and click on “Campbell-Ewald Pumps Awareness into the American Heart Association case”. Then,
once you have read the case answer questions 2 and 3 from the case. Answer the questions in APA style.

Assume the following:

2.1. A lakefront resort is planning for its summer busy season. It wishes to estimate with 95% confidence the average number of nights each guest will stay in a
consecutive visit. Using a sample of guests who stayed last year, the average number of nights per guest is calculated at 5 nights. The standard deviation of the
sample is 1.5 nights. The size of the sample used is 120 guests and the resort desires a precision of plus or minus .5 nights. What is the standard error of the mean
in the lakefront resort example? Within what range below can the resort expect with 95% confidence for the true population mean to fall? Show the calculation;
otherwise, the answer will not be accepted.

2.2. A local restaurant is planning a study on demand for meals over holiday weekends. In calculating the desired sample size for the study, the restaurant’s
researcher decides to use a rule-of-thumb calculation for estimating the population dispersion. If the range of meals in the study is 0 to 30, what standard deviation
does the rule-of-thumb method produce? Show the calculation; otherwise, the answer will not be accepted.

2.3. A microbrewery plans to conduct a study on beer consumption among men between the ages of 29 and 45. A pilot test indicated that men in this age category consume
an average of 6 beers per week with a standard deviation of 2.3. If the microbrewery seeks a 95% confidence level and a precision of .5 beers, what size sample should
be used in the study? Show the calculation; otherwise, the answer will not be accepted.
3. Go to www.mhhe.com/cooper11e, click on “student edition”, go to cases and click on “Mastering Teaching Leadership case”. This exercise is a data analysis
assignment. Then, once you have read the case and analyzed the survey’s results, follow the steps shown below:

To get the survey’s results excel file go to www.mhhe.com/cooper11e, go to “Additional materials related to cases”, copy and paste the “Mastering teaching leadership
excel file” in your computer, then open the file.
The file shows the results obtained from applying the survey which appears at the end of the case: Pick five questions from the survey, and build a frequency table for
each question, along with either a pie chart or a bar chart (should you need assistance in using Data analysis in excel, contact me please). See chapter16 on page 431
to review the concepts.
Go to page 444 and study “Cross-Tabulation” technique. Then, go to the case’s survey, and select any two of the variables (questions) in the survey. Go to the excel
file, click on pivot table function (upper left corner under “Insert” tab), and cross the two variables selected by you by using the pivot table function. To know how
to use pivot table in excel, click on the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xfuPPrI1f8 from YouTube and learn from it. Repeat the same on the excel file with the
two variables selected by you previously, and obtain the result.

Once you have followed the steps aforementioned, do the following: Analyze the results obtained from steps 2 and 3, craft an executive report (Google “how to write
down an executive report”) based on your findings from step 2 and 3. Do not forget to include the management question from the Mastering Teaching Leadership case.

Take midterm test

Submission instructions: The answers for the questions 1 and 2 must be submitted through the week 5 turnitin assignment below. The answers for the question 3 must be
submitted as an attached document through “Course Messages” link.

Any question, please let me know.

This assignment must be sent through the turnitin link shown below. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. Cite external references to support
your answers in both within the text and in the references part as mandated by APA style. The instructor will not accept more than 5% of materials from external
sources in the content of the document; otherwise, your work will be considered invalid. If you have any question, contact your instructor.

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