Writer’s choice

Writer’s choice

Answer the following question. Your discussion should encompass all topics discussed during the last part of the semester. Go further and farther in your analysis and even though some of these questions may appear easy, they are not. Be judicious in the design and logic of your essay. Proof read for English mechanics. Specific chapter are given to aid you in your research.

Use APA standards for citation. (Writing Center has guides; Purdue Owl; http://www.apastyle.org)

Make sure you use three (3) peer-reviewed sources (wiki isn’t one; dictionary.com or other online dictionary through Google isn’t one…there is an encyclopedia of tourism by Jafar Jafari accessible online for definitions). I will deduct points if I see Wiki! Your book can be one source but it is not peer-reviewed. Examples can be found in Chapter 18 of your book (Cornell Quarterly, Annals of Tourism Research, Leisure Studies…as well as others)

You have a maximum five (5) total pages for your essay, not including any bibliography or depictions. Make sure you are attaching your references.

Research current trends in digital technology and other trends pertaining to the use of technology for travel. The question that comes to mind: Who is this traveler in a digital world? What are they using? How are they using technology? What new innovative technology are in the pipeline?
You may want to pick a country {other than Scotland} or even a US State (like the one you used for Assignment 4/5) to research their policy on marketing publicity, especially in terms of technology. The country that you will do (United Arab Emirates).

Essay: This is an expository and persuasive type paper.

Expository: Informative writing that explains a specific topic or idea

Persuasive: Argumentive writing that attempts to convince the reader to accept a specific opinion or viewpoint.

Futures (chapter 20): How could tourists (and tourism generally) make the greatest (and most innovative) use of the digital devices that are currently available?

Planning, Research, and Marketing (chapters 16, 18, & 19): Considering the current tourism climate, how could these devices aid in countering negative publicity for a tourism destination?

Use diagrams, and other pertinent information from your book, your notes, our videos, and the PowerPoint’s to illustrate your points. Use theories and constructs mentioned in your book to argue your points. Use personal experiences to illustrate. Do not be vague. Using it, thing, and any other vague words do not allow me to understand your reasoning. Write for the sake of getting down information, then revise, add detail, then edit. I should not be left with any questions as to what you are trying to convey.
I should see the use of tourism terms, theories in your essay.

Define, defend and demonstrate your knowledge.
answer all the

answer all the questions that instructions. you may want to use the book as fourth source book name (Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies (12th edition) by Charles R. Goeldner and J. R. Brent Ritchie.I’ international student, so make the paper simple and try to not use high very academic definition word.

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