write assignment2&3 Impact of Social Media Network on Elections outcomes

write assignment2&3 Impact of Social Media Network on Elections outcomes

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Impact of Social Media Network on Elections outcomes

I would suggest focusing only on one or the other- probably voting outcomes, because this seems to interest you more.

2) The connection between social media use and voting outcomes is an interesting one- but you are still not specifying a clear network boundary or indicating what type of relationship you are interested in. What specific study population will you study; how will you ACCESS everyone in your study population; and how will you collect data on RELATIONSHIPS among these people? If you plan on actually documenting some “network” drawn from social media, this may end up being a challenging task; so it is just fine also if you pick some smaller, more accessible study population and collect network data in more traditional ways (e.g. asking them about their friendships). Either way, you will need to have some clearly defined network BOUNDARY that you can collect data within. Social relationship.

At this point, please work on revising Assignment 1 specifically indicates 1) your question, 2) your study population (network boundary), and 3) what type of RELATIONAL data you will collect., please also work on revising Assignment 2! Now that you have the prompt, it should be a bit more straightforward to write. Assignment 3, data collection, and analysis.

1 proposed research questions, 2. the population you plan to study, 3. the relationship construct you plan to measure, and 4. how you plan to measure it. make outline! important points social network and relationship ! This section presents the research methods that were used by the researcher. In this study, the researcher brings out the impact of social media on election outcomes as well

Assignment 2
Use 4 articles from jstor ( provide the article sites)
The second assignment has three parts, described below:
First, use the library’s resources to find academic research articles that pertain to your study question. You should find—and read—four articles. Each of these articles should be published in an academic journal. In other words, they should not be published in a “journal” like Time or a newspaper like the New York Times. They should also not be internet postings (although academic articles from research journals that are published online are fine). The best way to locate such articles will be to do a search using JSTOR: Just enter your search terms in an advanced search and select the “sociology” box, which will limit your search results to sociology-related journals. While I will accept articles published at any point in time, please try to focus on more recent articles, i.e. those published in the last 10 or 20 years.*
Second, you should write a 3-5 page (double-spaced) introduction (also called the “literature review”) to your final paper. Please do not worry about perfection—while this writing will ultimately be revised and incorporated into your final paper, this is only a first draft. Use the “quantitative research paper” in A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers as a model. The draft you submit should itself accomplish three goals:
a. Clearly state your research question in a single sentence. b. Tell me why we should care about the answer to your research question, or why your research
question is important (this should take about a paragraph).
c. After you accomplish the above two, the rest of your writing (i.e. the majority of what you submit) should summarize the findings of the research articles you have read and motivate your own research question. In other words, based on the articles you read, what do scholars already know about this topic; and how is your question related to the work that has been conducted previously? Maybe previous work is divided between two hypotheses, and your research will try to determine which of the two hypotheses is right. Maybe previous research has examined a question that is similar to yours, but the exact question you plan on answering has not yet been answered. Maybe one journal article predicts one thing, and another journal article predicts another thing, and you plan to combine the two predictions in your study. At the end of the day, therefore, you are trying to use your research question to build on previous research and contribute to the body of knowledge that already exists—rather than show something that has already been shown or ask a question that has no connection with the literature. In the process, make sure to cite the previous research in the appropriate manner (as described in A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers).
* If for some reason you would like to include an article that was not published in a sociology journal but is still sufficiently “sociological” in its approach—or if you would like to use a book as one of your sources instead of relying solely on articles—I will be happy to work something out, just please notify me in advance.Third, create a bibliography (or “references” section) listing all of the research papers you examined, again using the proper format described in A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers.
In summary, the assignment consists of the following three parts—all of which you should submit to me electronically (except the first part, of course):
1. Read four research articles related to your research topic.
2. Write a 3-5 page introduction to your final paper, stating a) your research question, b) why your research question is important, and c) what previous research on this topic has found and how your own research will build on this literature.
3. Create a bibliography of the research articles you cited.
Assignment 3
In Assignment 2, you wrote a draft version of the introduction/literature review for your final paper. For this assignment, you will write a draft version of the data/methods section. The goal of this assignment is very straightforward: simply describe your data and methods! In other words, your goal is to explain— using terminology you have learned in class whenever appropriate—what kind of data you plan to use; how you plan to collect it; and how you plan to analyze your data in order to answer your central research question. What is your study population? Are you collecting ego-centric data or socio-centric data? How did you define your network boundary? What is your data collection method? What particular measures will you use to analyze your data? Is your study a descriptive study or an explanatory study; and if it is an explanatory study, what are the independent and dependent variables?
You may not yet know all of the answers to these questions, but remember that this is only a draft; the class text A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers should provide additional guidance in the section on “The Quantitative Research Paper.” Additionally, if you are going to be collecting your data using a survey or an interview, please include with this assignment a draft version of your questionnaire/interview guide.
The length of this assignment should be about 2 double-spaced pages (not including attached questionnaire/interview guide if applicable)—possibly a little more or less. The more detail you provide, the better feedback I can provide and the better positioned you will be to succeed on the final paper; please also make sure to explain all of your methodological choices whenever possible.


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