write and present in depth paper on your chosen company

The subject or discipline: Human Relations Operations.
The company i chose it is Adidas.
Research, write and present in depth paper on your chosen company. The paper should include the following in the order below:
Founder, History and Business Sector
Human Relations Operations in the company – Research current articles for current situational evidence of how the company is treating their employees. Is there high stress among employees in the company?
Management – What type of management style is instituted in the company and are the employees satisfied with management and/or company?
Communication, Conflict and Credence – How does the company communicate with the employees, settle conflict and build a sense of trust?
Ethical and Social Responsibility – Provide examples of ethical and social responsibility practices in the company.
Diversity and Globalization – How diverse is the company? Is the company well situated globally? Give examples of each.
Include/provide a current event or situation, positive or negative, that the company has performed/endured over the last year (2013) that made the news or a difference.

Please outline your paper as follows:

Your paper will include:
1. Cover page (1) (school name, course number/name, title of paper, your name, instructors name, and date centered and bold)
2. Introduction page (1) (overview of your paper content)
3. Content of paper (6) (substantial and informative as indicated above)
4. Conclusion page (1) (provide a closing page that documents your findings, as well as how your paper both personally and in the workplace, ties into what you have learned about Human relations).
5. Reference Page (1) (provide a minimum of four (4) references for your paper using APA citation format. Use proper citation format in the body of the paper as well as in the reference page. Please note that the text book will not be accepted as a form of reference.

The paper will contain a total of at least ten (10) pages with the use of a 12 point font and double spaced. This will be in APA citation format in the body of the paper as well as in the reference page.


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