Write a business communication


Write a business communication as if the person receiving it is the CEO or other key
decision-makers of the organization. This means you do not want to include
information that would be unnecessary for this person, such as the history of the
organization. Build a compelling argument that the problem is serious enough to
require organizational resources to solve. Follow this up with a set of recommendations
that will solve the problem. The argument for these recommendations must be
supported logically about Elon Musk and his organization Space X

Explain his lack of appropriate priorities in relation to his unrealistic ventures towards
spending large sums of money on projects such as the funding of the Mars Space
Expeditions. Specifically speak about the Mars Space Expeditions and other ventures
that can easily be seen as pretentious and then discuss why we believe his subsidizing
deep space exploration and other outlandish ventures are unnecessary.

Finally examine how the company uses leadership to enhance the integration of
functions into the overall mission and vision of the organization; (2) perform an in-depth
analysis of the internal operations of the company; (3) include your suggestions as to
what the company could do to be more successful; (4) discuss management theories
that could be utilized to increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Please remember to include the section headings listed below.


Provide an Analysis that systematically asks the concept-framed question developed in
the previous section to learn what is being done well and what could be improved.
Answer your guestions and draw conclusions from your answers. Do not introduceadditional concepts in this section. If an additional concept is valuable, integrate it
in a
revised concept section- End this section with a list of conclusions you have drawn
from your analysis. Collectively, these conclusions should directly answer your open-
ended question and provide a foundation for your specific, actionable
recommendations. In summary, this analysis section should be an execution of your
plan developed in your concept section.


Provide Recommendations from what you have Ieamed in your analysis, make
recommendations for specific action that would improve the handling of the situation.
These should address the problem presented in the first section- A definite thread
should be seen from the question to the concept to the analysis to your
recommendations. They should be readily identifiable, not buried in the midst of
paragraphs. Remember, as a manager, you are expected to be able to understand
situations and determine specific action to take- This is where you demonstrate you
can identify specific, actionable recommendations. The work in the paper, to this point,
should have created a compelling argument on behalf of your recommendations.

Finally provide an Evaluation and review your problem-solving process. In what ways
did you find your definition of the problem useful in solving it? What were the strength
and weaknesses of your choice of concepts? How well were you able to use an
integration of the two chosen concepts to frame your analysis? How might you have
integrated them differently? Is there another concept or two that might have been
equally or more useful? Which ones and why? In what ways were you able to draw new
conclusions about the problem through using this process?

All articles, books, and other sources used to prepare your paper should be properly and seummerrise the sources


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