worship paper

worship paper

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The story : I am christian and I assume that I visited to SDA church.

However, from my experience, SDA church and my church are not different.
Maybe their sermons are different.. but the order(Praise –> Pastor sermon) of worship or circumstances are really similar.

No references are needed.

If you need any concerns. please let me know.

Just make story

Examining Worship
al ministry matters
Worship is more than the sum of all its parts, but those parts all have meaning and play a role in the overall experience. When visiting another house of worship, or examining your own, it can help to step back and look at the various elements present in worship and how they helped (or hindered) your ability to connect with God.
Name of church:
Date and time of service:
Describe the worship space. What type of space is this worship service held in? What types of seats does it have? What type of lighting? What is at the front or center of the room? Are there windows? Are there religious symbols anywhere? How does the space make you feel?
Describe the order of worship. What happens in worship and how long does each element last? Do you speak or just listen? How do you know what to do? Is the order printed in a bulletin or handout of any kind? Are there any books you use in the service? Are there screens? What are they used for?
Describe the music. What instruments are used? Do you find the songs easy to sing? What styles of music are represented in the service? Are the words meaningful to you?
Describe the prayers. Who prays aloud in the service? Are there different types of prayer during the service? Is the congregation invited to speak or read along? Is there time for silence? How do you feel during the times of prayer?
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