World Histories

Early Civilizations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
You have 3 hours to write this exam. When you open the exam in Moodle, it will be
timestamped. When you submit your answers in a word document only it will also be
timestamped, so I will know how long it took you to write the exam.
Do not use any outside sources to write. Use only the material from the course –
lectures, readings, visuals, etc. Use of outside sources may result in a failing grade.
Answer all questions in essay form. You should refer to authors by name and title
but do not footnote or put page numbers.
A. Essay Question – (50%): Answer ONE of the following questions within the context of
the themes of this course. Make specific references to the readings and the lectures. Answer
all the parts of the question.

  1. Write a history of the world without referring to any written documents
    historical texts. Comment on how such a history is different from one that
    relies on archival documentation.
  2. A publisher has asked you for a five page proposal for a textbook on the
    history of the world for first year history students. How would you
    respond and what would the proposal look like?
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