World civilization

I have attached a document that you will use to answer these 4 questions

  1. What were the Aztecs views of the Spaniards in document 12.1?
  2. What were Cortes’s reactions to Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs in document 12.2?
  3. What was Nzinga Mbemba complaining to the Portuguese about in document 12.3?
  4. How did the Europeans threaten the Chinese in document 12.4?
    Document Discussion Forum #2 MUST give two-to-three sentence to each question
  5. What were Olaudah Equiano reactions to the “middle passage” after he was enslaved in 1789?
  6. What goods did Thomas Phillips trade to purchase slaves from Africa, and why might they be in demand?
  7. Why did Richard Ligon think that the slaves of Barbados could not successfully rebel against their European
  8. What did Francis Alexander Stanislaus have to say about racism in St. Domingue in 1797?
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