Workplace Violence: Homicide in the Workplace

Workplace Violence: Homicide in the Workplace

PowerPoint Presentation for Workplace Violence: Homicide in the Workplace should include the following:

1.Presentation tile including my name (Jeffrey Tyson)
2.Presentation outlines
3.Project focus or purpose. Some examples: What is workplace violence? What are some causes of workplace homicide? Who is victim to workplace homicide?
4.Relevancy of to the problem/issue
5.Specific findings or solution to the problem
6.Limitations or weaknesses of the study
8.Selected references

Please use the notes area, available under each slide in the presentation, to create a narrative of what would be said about each slide. My classmates and professor should be able to open the presentation, click through each slide, and read the presentation narrative.

Please include statistical data for workplace violence in America and workplace homicide in America.

In addition to selected references, sources from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other government agency’s must be included in the PowerPoint presentation.

Please include relevant pictures of workplace violence in at least half of the slides.

If possible, animated slides would be greatly appreciated.

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