WK 3 Discussion 3003

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Implementing Assessment

Consider the following scenario:

You are working as a developmental specialist in an early intervention program. As part of your responsibilities, you are required to develop early intervention plans based on assessment data that has already been gathered. You have recently been charged with developing an early intervention plan for a 3-year-old child based solely on data obtained from standardized tests.

Reflect on what you have learned about multiple windows in Chapter 4 and standardized testing in Chapter 10.

Post the following:

1,An evaluation of the effectiveness of the assessment data that you have received

2.Additional data that you would need in order to develop a plan for early intervention

3.The role that you believe standardized testing plays in developmentally appropriate assessment.



Course Text: McAfee, O., Leong, D. J., & Bodrova, E. (2016). Assessing and guiding young children’s development and learning (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
-Chapter 4, “Documenting: Collecting Information”
-Chapter 10, “Standardized Tests: What Early Childhood Teachers Should Know”

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