Winning the Ethical Fight

This media project assignment is designed to showcase your understanding of the importance of ethical behavior in a company or organization. You will look at the impact of ethical behavior on creating a positive organizational culture. Does such impact align with your present understanding of systems theory?


Create a video essay or audio recording that reflects your analysis and key content points. See the Module Four resources for guidance on how to create a video submission, and see Module Five’s optional resources for guidance on how to create an audio recording with a PC (Windows-based computer) or Mac. You also have the option of submitting a voice recording or 1-page response paper in lieu of a video essay.




Textbook: Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Chapters 10 and 11
Messaging is important. There are ways to deliver persuasive messages and ways to deliver bad news. However, at its heart, all messaging must have an ethical foundation.

Video: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Ethical Leadership (2:48)
This video shows an interview with Apple’s CEO about the importance of leaders having an ethical compass.

Article: Tim Cook Calls Assault on Apple’s Ethics in China “Patently False and Offensive”
This article discusses how Apple’s CEO emailed his employees about an ethical challenge.

Library Article: Ethical Leadership
This article provides a good foundation for the importance of having an ethical compass.

eBook: Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organizations (Chapters 2 [pp. 37–42] and 3 [pp.44–56])
As we explore the importance of ethics ineffective organizational communications, it is also good to look at the people who have to live that ethical behavior. How we organize socially is key to that process. Whether we are making cars or crisis communications plans, the ability to interact with one another is important. How does social hierarchy help or hurt communications practices? And how does that hierarchy influence ethical behavior?

The Shapiro Library offers this textbook as an eBook that can only be accessed by a limited number of people at a time. You can also download a limited number of pages from the eBook in a single session and access them offline. Otherwise, it is recommended that you purchase your own copy via the SNHU bookstore or another online bookstore.

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