Wing Design

Wings use the principle of an ‘I’ beam for the wing. This can be in different shapes and formats to ensure a solid and strong component that will that will generate lift and support the engines and other high lift devices in addition to the fuel tanks. Wings are complex components that use a spar or several spar’s to support the loads experienced.

select an aircraft, your choice, ideally one where there is sufficient information from work or from the Internet or Hunt Library. I suggest you screen for the data before deciding. Use the theory discussed within the modules. Research and add other credible information when needed.

Review the data about the wing, estimate the parameters, and calculate the ‘I’ value for the wing at the root (next to the fuselage).

Comment on how the designers have made the bending theory work and what novel ideas might have been used.

Comment if there is a false spar. If yes, what does it do? If no, why not on that design? In addition, calculate the ‘BM’ on that wing and discuss the general aspects of the wing.

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