WickPros Professional Accounting Firm

WickPros Professional Accounting Firm

Paper details:
Submit a brief outline of 1–2 pages answering the elements in parts 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the final project presentation.

4) Summarize evidence to support the use of financial intermediaries used by this company.
• Is there evidence to support the use of financial intermediaries to promote and sell investments of this company?
• How is this known?

5) Locate the latest financial statements for this entity and evaluate the financial stability utilizing appropriate financial ratios. Calculations must be shown.
• Which website did you use to locate the financial statements of the organization?
• How many years of past financial statements are available?
• Utilize a minimum of five financial ratios to evaluate the company. What are the results of the ratios, and how can the results be used as an evaluation tool?
• Was an inflation rate used? How was the inflation rate determined?

6) Locate the trend analysis for the company’s stock and summarize the findings.
• Where was the trend analysis located for the company?
• From the data presented, what is your perception for growth, sales, profit, and loss?
• What information influenced your perception?
• How do these findings compare with your evaluation using the financial ratios in part 5?
• Does the information presented in the trend analysis change your opinion?

7) Outline the risks for this company (e.g., are there any business or financial risks investors should be aware of? Is there an impending war, government intervention, or decrease in raw materials that will affect production?).
• What types of business risks must this particular company be aware?
• What types of evidence support these risks?
• Explain the issues that may be created by the risks.
• Is investor involvement affected by the risks?

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