Why Parmenides was correct by saying we are all one.

Parmenides’ outlook on life being that all is one, and that one being “being”, is the closest perspective that leads to truth. The ‘strict monist’ interpretation of Parmenides is generally right, though we nevertheless must allow for some kind of change through actualizing our best potentialities, even though we ultimately are still one.


that is a source with more info- the closest to my thought is 3:1.

I also have this as one of my thoughts;

“The creation of duality comes with generalizations of touchy subjects. Of course harm may come from a person being unjust, but does that really matter? Can us humans all respect the fact that we are all living our lives in different ways and on different levels and journeys, and that all being okay. If an individual is acting unjustly and this harms another, but still brings happiness to that individual, why should we judge that as “wrong”? Is it possible that individuals focus on their own success and happiness without the comparison of others? This brings me to the question- does the law of attraction apply here? If we let others do what they believe is right for themselves, they will do it, and there will always be consequences. If a person is “just” and is giving and loving and supporting, ect. But does not receive the same benefits of an unjust being, can that individual continue focusing on doing what they believe is best for their personal journey? In this paper I will argue that rather than separating just and unjust, we can simply accept life as just being. Something that will always happen and will continue to happen. If we personally choose a life filled with just-ness, the universe will compensate. Unity consciousness is something that is a universal thing, if an unjust person is being “unjust”, this can either teach that individual a life lesson of being “just” and how it can benefit their lives. Just as if the person doesn’t realize this in their lifetime, someone else can learn from these experiences and decide how they want to carry on with their lives. We label things in such binary terms.”

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