why marijuana should or should not be legal

why marijuana should or should not be legal

The post has three asighnments

1:why marijuana should or should not be legal

2;Casino Gambling

After watching the video, please response:

1. what you learned from these videos

2. how you could apply the video content to your current or futue position.

Wdeo “Video: Peter C. Bernhard – Current Gaming Law & Regulation issues (Problems
Improvements)‘ httsz/www.yout1.be.com/watch?v:2jqqglndDrkafeaturezyoutube



one of the things that could be lost in translation is what makes a VPN secure. As
secu’ity professionals, you must know what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, and
what protocol is used in order to secue the communication- AVPN BY ITSELF IS NOT

Therefore, your discussion question is a s’ngle question to you with a write or wrong

1 . What is the protocol framework (open standard) that actually encrypts the VPN

2. The framework has two different protocols, can you name them? (Clue: RFC 2402
and RFC 2406)

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