“who’s that knocking on my door 1967”, directed by Martin Scorsese.

“who’s that knocking on my door 1967”, directed by Martin Scorsese.

watch this movie “who’s that knocking on my door 1967”, directed by Martin Scorsese. it’s 1h 30min long, and then make the reaction paper.
Watch and re-watch. Apply what you’ve learned about the genre and author, and do as much additional research as necessary to answer the following:

1. What you think of it (Tip: You have to have a theory about what the work means to provide focus for your research and analysis. You don’t have to say everything possible about the work: be guided by what interests you most, which might change as you do research. Be prepared to wander and explore a bit).
2. What the thing is
3. What its parts are (words, punctuation, literary techniques or devices)
4. What those parts are used for and how they’re put together (structure, patterns, and themes)
5. Who made it, and the influence of that person’s beliefs and ideology on his/her work (Tip: Don’t guess, assume, or psychoanalyze.)
6. Where and when it was made, and the interplay of that context and the thing itself
7. Who its original audience might have been and what they thought of it
8. What you think of it (Did your research confirm or disprove your theory? Now what do you think the work means? Who cares?).

Make sure you include all these elements in the paper somewhere in the paragraphs: Background about the Author, Theme, characters, plot, dialogue, point of view, composition, editing, venue, lighting(black and white), set, quality of acting, costumes, how does the music match, classic cars, what do feel about the slow motion part, genre(Drama/Romance), what does the director mean about filming the movies from different angles.

Rubric: An excellent reaction paper answers points 1 and 2, as well as four of the remaining six points, thoroughly and concisely as the paper is to be 1-2 pages in length. The paper is coherent, uses standard academic diction and grammar, and is in MLA style, nearly completely error-free.

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