Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management

Choose four out of the following six questions to answer. Each answer should be 1 to 2 paragraphs in length. APA style formatting should be adhered to and citations used where necessary.

  1. Assume the role of the public health director. Pick two of the four phases of emergency management and describe what actions you would take for each as it relates to a possible Bioterrorism attack involving Anthrax.
  2. Choosing a Bioterrorism Agent, pick two Emergency Support Functions under the National Response Framework and describe how public health departments would work with agencies under these ESF’s to prepare and respond to an attack involving this agent. You may not choose ESF 8 for this question.
  3. Compare and contrast quarantine and isolation including the rights of the government and the individual.
  4. Briefly describe the Emergency Support Function 8 response to the Boston Marathon bombing.
  5. Choose and research a disaster that occurred in the United States since 2010 that involved the opening of emergency shelters. Discuss how the public was notified about the shelter, the shelter operations, and any deficiencies and/or successes.
  6. Describe the Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management and how it relates to those with functional needs.
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