What might the technologically enhanced nursing curriculum look like?

What might the technologically enhanced nursing curriculum look like?
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What might the technologically enhanced nursing curriculum look like?

Computer technologies have opened the door to many new teaching approaches for nurse educators. Several nursing agencies have begun to address offering structured online programs to prepare nursing faculty to use technological advances in their teaching endeavors. The infusion of technology into higher education will not be unique to nursing just as it not new to medicine. Campuses nationwide have identified the need to enhance the availability of technology and promote the development of online courses, web base interactive programs to update and enhance degrees.

What does it mean to teach with technology?

Teaching with technology isn’t just about staying current on the latest tools, it’s about knowing how to successfully incorporate the best tools into your teaching practice. It’s about staying abreast of new ways to engage the audience and keep them wanting to learn more. Integrating technology into nursing education will require an educator to facilitate an effective learning experience through social media, interactive programs and web based technology. Faculty at University of Washington found that on average technology changes every four to six months (Young, 2013).

Why self-directed learning is critical in a technology age and an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system.

To be able to meet this increased demand for care, we need a new approach to nursing education. Today’s nursing schools center on pedagogy, a model in which the teacher, a recognized expert in the field, disseminates knowledge to students whose job it is to absorb what is being taught. According to a recent publication in (Education World, 2015) it stated that technology erases the traditional boundaries of space and time to allow access to various innovations to bring and send information transparently. This will also improve patient care, increase best practices and promote insight. Preparing nurses to lead in this type of technology will enabled health care systems to transform nurse education, utilization review and medical advances in various ways.

As new and improve ways emerge to educate students I want to ensure that I too work towards building and bridging technology and education in the following ways;
•Produce a community of practice whose members become recognized leaders in the field of informatics and technology integration.
•Promote the use of collaboration techniques in teaching and evidence base practice that involves the family, caregiver and patient and
•Ensure students obtain a reasonable degree of fluency with technology in the medical field by teaching them how to integrate technology with medicine to promote learning, education and effective patient care (Bart, 2011).

I think there will be more web base and online programs in the future. This means we as clinicians, educators and faculty will need to bring about new technologies with guided tutorials on how to maximize learning activities for our students. Having this positive influence on nursing education and the population to which we serve will produce a better health care delivery system overall.

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