What is the role of religion in these text?


What is the role of religion in these text? – Also consider how social class and gender are reflected in the texts.


: introduction with a main argument underlined, body paragraphs, and a conclusion (2-3 sentences) and follow standard formatting: 12 point font, Times New Roman,
doubled spaced, and at least 1.5 pages long. Use the grammar guide to help you. The primary sources are attached below. No Outside Research! See Academic Honesty to
help you. Use the Textbook (WH p #) and Lecture Module (Mod #) as well. There is no need for a fancy title page as all submissions through SafeAssign are associated
with your name. No Work cited page is needed either as this is not a research paper and all the sources and info have been provided. Students will need to use
parenthetical citations so the instructor knows where the student is accessing the information. See Grammar Guide in Module 0 for more information. Choose two of the
following sources for comparison: The banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal II (4.1), Behistun Insсrіption (4.2), Zhou Succession Crisis (4.3), Indian Brahman Priesthood

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