What is the difference between contemporary theories and classical theories? Are the two related? Explain.

What is the difference between contemporary theories and classical theories? Are the two related? Explain.

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he assignment is to “Discuss Contemporary versus Classical Theories of Social Psychology. I know that is a large area to tackle and sometimes, when we begin to

research the topics involved, the task become quite daunting. So, what I would do for Module 1.1 is to first discuss in detail each of the individual theories found in

Classical and each of the theories found in Contemporary social psychology. I see that you gave a one sentence explanation of a few of the theories, but we hope that

your explanations and the connections you make through-out your discussion will be more exploratory and extensive in nature.

Once you have laid a clear foundation (i.e. explained what the theories are about), you will then compare and contrast each of the theories. In other words, which

theories have a commonality amongst them and which of the theories have nothing in common. This will help to lay the foundation for examining your “Personal Theory”

for the Final Project.

From here, you can begin to go back and develop a clear and personal point of view. This point of view will help you to begin to think about the Final Project with

respect to your “personal theory”.

Within the body of the discussion, you will need to incorporate examples of the theories. These can be personal in nature. Your examples allow me to understand your

own thinking processes and how you have come to understand your social world as a function of each of the theories. At the end of the paper, you will draw informed

conclusions that are justified and defended with evidence (i.e. peer-reviewed journal references). You need to include references throughout your discussion. I see

that your present discussion does not include any.

You wrote “Foundation of approach is understanding the behaviors of populations which was highly popular in during post modern era”, but I am not sure what you mean.

Remember that every sentence is a statement and all statements need to be explained and referenced.

You do have one reference, and one is required for the discussion, but on a graduate level, and especially when exploring the topic, all statements need to be

referenced with peer-reviewed journal articles. This will also help you to research the area you are considering for your Final Project.


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