What factors explain the variation between countries in regard to carbon emission?

What factors explain the variation between countries in regard to carbon emission?

Paper details:

Dependent Variable: Carbon Emission (per capita, not overall)

Independent Variables: GDP per Capita/Income, Energy Intensity, International Trade Intensity, and Coal Dependence

Control Variables: Infrastructural factors (governance, transportation, etc., Population Density

I don’t need the ‘abstract’ or the ‘conclusion;’ the most important parts are the literature review, getting the datasets from Excel to SPSS, as well multivariate regression tables for all my variables. I also need a coorelation matrix for testing multicollinearity. The most important part for me is the charts and the methodlogical portion. I also need a causal flowchart.

Here’s a checklist for what I need as well:

Your final research paper will use the quantitative methods for data collection & analysis covered in this course to investigate your research question by testing for relationships among variables and evaluating alternative hypotheses. Your analysis will be based on the empirical evidence you have collected and a well-defined research methodology. Your final research paper should include the following sections:

An introduction section that states the research question, frames the topic, justifies the question/puzzle, and previews the main components of the paper (including the main findings)

A literature review that organizes, synthesizes, and analyzes the scholarly literature on your topic (including theoretical debates and the historical context of the question)

A detailed methodology section discussing and justifying the main methodological elements of your paper. This includes:

A discussion of your concepts as well as a discussion and justification for the operationalization of these concepts into your chosen variables and indicators

Specific statement of the hypotheses and alternative hypotheses being investigated (in correct form)

A discussion and justification of your choices concerning case selection and data sources

A discussion and justification of the specific statistical tests chosen for data analysis

Presentation and discussion of your findings, including a causal flowchart illustrating the relationships under investigation and additional data analysis tables/charts (e.g. regression tables, cross-tabulations, etc.) in the text body and/or in supplementary appendices as appropriate.

A concluding section discussing the implications of the analysis, shortcomings in the research, and avenues for future research

You may include any additional data tables, results tables, or other materials in supplementary appendices.

Throughout the paper, it is important to be as specific as possible in discussing and justifying the methodological components of your research so as to ensure the validity, reliability, and transparency of your research. You should use the course material to justify your choices. The scholarly articles that we have read over the semester provide good models for how to structure and organize a research paper. In addition, a checklist for details big and small is included below to help you check for common errors and oversights before submitting your paper.

Overall, your paper should clearly show the reader the procedures that were carried out (methodology) and the results they yielded. This should include an honest assessment of whether the evidence supports or contradicts the preliminary theory or your hypotheses. Success on this assignment does not depend at all on whether the findings serve to confirm or disconfirm your hypotheses, but rather on a clear, intelligent, and nuanced discussion of the data collected, the analyses performed, and the conclusions that can be drawn from the results observed. Your paper should also discuss how these conclusions relate to and advance the state of knowledge on the question and broader topic area, and how future research might address any issues still left unresolved.

Project Requirements and Formatting Details

The text body of your final research paper should be approximately 25 double-spaced pages in length. The paper should be written in a standard 12-point font with 1” margins. Include your name, the submission date, paper title, and the course number on a separate title page. Be sure to correctly cite sources thoroughly and correctly, using the required citation format (see course syllabus and citation guide posted to the course website), and to include a complete bibliography of works cited at the end of the page. The bibliography does not count towards the text body page count, nor do any tables, charts, or appendices.

Submission Instructions

You will submit multiple files for your final research project:

Your final research paper in MS Word format (.doc or .docx)

Your dataset (in either .xls or .sav format)

Your codebook (detailing how each variable/indicator was operationalized and coded, in .doc or .docx format)

Your SPSS output file (in .sav format)

All files should be submitted electronically through the course website. To submit your paper, follow the steps below:

Save the final version of each file in the appropriate file format (e.g. .docx for the paper, .xls for the dataset, .spv for your SPSS output file, etc.)

The file name should be your last name and the subject of the assignment (e.g., Boesenecker_Final).

Go to the assignment page and submit your work via the “Manage Submissions” button.

Your Final Research Paper is due 96 hours after the last synchronous session of the course. Late work will be penalized according to the policy described in the course syllabus.

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