what can management do to create fairer practices and conditions at work

what can management do to create fairer practices and conditions at work

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This is the Leading People and Organisation section of the module. In this assignment (a case-documentary) it is expected that students will draw from some theories or

concepts discussed in the academic literature to address the business issue presented here. It is expected that the argument presented will be an original piece that

brings some insight and understanding of management practices in relation to the case under discussion.
The assignment must be 800 words

Please see Case-documentary about Global Inequality at work. Those case documentary were provided by my lecturer

The short clips above describe a key issue in today’s world: inequality. Inequality seems to have a major impact in our societies. In organisations, it reflects the

big gap in salary and wealth distribution between top management and workers. Inequality as well raises lots of moral and ethical issues, particularly in relation to

fairness. We can also see that this trend is not only localised in one part of the world but it has become a global problem.
The assignment here requires you to address the issue of inequality, from the perspective of: what can management do to create fairer practices and conditions at work?
Indeed, this is challenging and may invite you to think alternatively on how to address the issue. It may not only be one potential answer but several. To help you,

keep in mind the following:
1. Build an argument.
2. Support your argument with academic references
3. Assess how HRM (human resource management) practices can help.
4. Provide/Focus on specific example (global or local)
5. Keep in mind issues such as ethical and cultural

Focus on making links between concepts and practice.

The structure should be:
Content page
Main body
Bibliography (hardvard)

Include table or graph if appropriate
Use British English
When using resource please use at least two HRM books; journal articles that are available to public; newspaper and website that are available to everyone.

Moreover, I require:
1. Outstanding appreciation and critical review of full range of theories, concepts and issues relating to this issue
2. Exceptional reflection and critical evaluation incorporated in the text discussion; excellent presentation expressed with skill, clarity and discrimination.
3. Fluent presentation of relevant information and issues, engaging with current debates at a high level. Excellent use of relevant academic literature to create clear

and insightful argument.


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