What are the three most serious affect of multitasking

What are the three most serious affect of multitasking

In one paragraph that is at least one page long, you will identify your topic and explain the three main causes or effects involved in the topic that you have choosen and understood from your research and reading. You must attach a separate works cited page that will allow me, as your reader, to find the outside sources that you have used.

Your research page should include:
1- you can use no more than 3 outside sources, which can inclue only: online information from .org or .gov / a book from AURAK’s library
Note: online .com are inacceptable

2- no more than 2 properly cited short quotation / no more than 3 short properly cited paraphrases / many of your own thoughts, realization and conclusion

3- you will explain only the cause or edfects of the topic / you will choose transitional terms such as first, second….

4- paragraph should beging with topic sentence / the body will explain in specific detail the steps / it will end with a conclusion statement

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