What are the causes and effects of obesity?

What are the causes and effects of obesity?

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Pleas use in-text referencing and do a reference list, using only these two references: http://www.smh.com.au/national/fat-chance-of-beating-obesity-without-strict-food-labelling-20131128-2yehd.html

and a
Ted talk about obesity and hunger (Ellen Gustafson: Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue). Pleas use only the two references for the whole writing.

Cause/Effect Essay

Based on materials and sources provided to you, write an essay for a university lecturer on the following topic:

What are the causes and effects of obesity?

This assignment is part of your on-going class participation mark.

Due Date: Tuesday 8th May 2015 in class.

Your essay needs to be submitted to ‘turnitin’ through Study Smart before the due date or it will not be accepted.

Additional Requirements:

The essay needs to be written in the style and format outlined by your teacher from the essay writing study guide. This includes full in-text referencing and reference list and the use of formal academic language with full sentences in logical paragraphs.


In order to write this essay, you must use the sources provided for you.

NOTE: Plagiarism will be severely punished: the penalty is the repetition of the task. References will be called where plagiarism is suspected and you may be asked to attend an interview to explain the meaning of un-cited / un-referenced ideas.

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