Weyhrauch V. United States Case Brief

Use either American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines or Bluebook citation format.
Please be cognizant that, when using sources not normally considered scholarly, e.g., videos,
television programs, and newspaper and magazine articles you will be held responsible for
determining their scholarly value. If you are in doubt, contact me.
You are required to submit different exercises during the semester, which include identifying the
case to be analyzed, drafting the brief, and providing other information as needed via the
conferences or Assignments folder. You must gain clearance from me to move forward. The
primary purpose of these assignments is to encourage you to collect and analyze information
throughout the semester and to prepare preliminary drafts, do not wait until the end of the
The required sections of the paper are as follows:
I. Elements of the crime. Identify and discuss the elements of the crime, as the prosecution
proved them.
II. Defenses claimed by the defense. Identify and discuss any defenses claimed by the
III. Constitutional protection issues. Identify and discuss any constitutional protection issues
(e.g., Miranda warnings, search and seizure).
IV. Case brief. Use the required formula:

  1. Title and citation
  2. Facts of the case
  3. Issues
  4. Holding (the final decision)
  5. Reasoning (how the court arrived at this holding)
  6. Analysis (how the facts of the case meet the legal criteria for prosecution)
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