Western art music

  1. During the 20th century, there was vast experimentaion in the world of classical music, or western art music. Tonality, which had been a fundamental element of music of the Baroque through Romantic era was disintigrating. Composers were searching for new sounds, many of which were difficult and dissonant. Techniques like atonality, polyrhythms, and serialism were thrilling innovations to some, but alienated many others. In this discussion, we will be exploring some of these musical trends that emerged.

Up to 4 points will be awarded for adherence to the instructions and completion by the stated due date on the syllabus.


1) Choose one of the styles of western art music from the list below.

a. Expressionism

b. European Serialism

c. American Minimalism

2) Research the style, and identify at least one key composer. Discuss the characteristics of the style and explain why it was innovative. Provide examples of specific compositions to support the points that you address in your response.

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