Week 5 Individual Project

Individual Project
This week you will start work on your Final Project for this module. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. You are expected to use diverse sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing work. You are encouraged to use situations and data from your own experience where possible.
Your task for Week 5 is to prepare and hand in a Project Proposal that includes the nature of the project, the sources of information you plan to use, and the most important concepts and techniques to be applied. You will receive feedback on the proposal from the Instructor in Week 6, which will give you time to make adjustments.
For this module, you are required to complete a course project that reveals mastery in application of the operations management concepts emphasised in the course. This involves reporting on a specific operation or process for an organisation and the operations management practices that affect the performance of that particular operation/process. The project should be a formal business report that provides information regarding the strategic objectives of the organisation as well as the strategy of the specific operation/process. With regard to the specific operation/process chosen, the report should effectively analyse its design, organisation, technology, planning and control aspects, and strategies for improvement, preventing failure, and ensuring quality. Evaluation and analysis of these areas are to be supported with operations management concepts you have covered throughout the module.
For this project, you will select a specific operation or process within a company that you are familiar with or work for. If you have chosen a company to research for a previous module, you must inform the Instructor and send him/her the previously submitted work. The Instructor will then inform you as to whether you may reuse the same company.
Your tasks are as follows:
1. Identify the strategic objectives of the organisation.
2. Analyse how the strategy of the selected operation/process is aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation based on the performance objectives and characteristics of the operation/process.
3. Evaluate the overall design of the operation/process regarding its total supply network, location of capacity, physical layout, and jobs.
4. Assess the deployment of technology within the operation/process based on the performance objectives as well as volume-variety characteristics.
5. Evaluate the planning and control methods or approaches for managing the demand and capacity of the operation/process.
6. Analyse the techniques utilised for improvement of the operation/process, as well as for detecting/preventing failure and ensuring quality.
Your Final Project should follow the given outline:
1. Brief description of company and operation/process selected
2. Strategic objectives of organisation and operation/process
3. Operation/process design
4. Utilisation of technology
5. Planning and control of the operation/process
6. Improvement, failure, and quality
7. Conclusion
Your Final Project should also include a section on how and where you obtained the information sources and the methodology used to perform any analysis. This project should follow a structured approach and should be prepared and presented as a professional business report. Please be sure your report adheres to the Harvard Referencing System.

I NEED Correct Referencing/Evidence of wider reading, including refereed journal articles to support the discussions and arguments, Without this support, your discussions are not persuasive


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