Website to use:

Website to use:

Please include report on the topic below. The report should be for the state of NE.

Also please use the attached template to fill in the information. Thank you

NAICS 621330 (social worker) and 611710 Educational consultant.
**Business: Sex Therapy/Consulting/and Sex Education for NE

write a 3 page report synopsizing your industry
Write using only the most important information succinctly phrased focusing on delivering facts and statistics that have come from credible sources to be listed as work cited at the end of the report.

Follow the outline format addressing the sections identified:
• Industry Description
• Industry Trends
• Industry Opportunities
• Industry Barriers
• Industry Feasibility Assessment (with brief rationale)
• References (minimum 4)
• Appendix (minimum LA 4.1 Industry Sampler Report and LA 5.2 First Research)

use at least 4 outside resources properly cited in the designated portion of the Template showing where the research came from.


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