Web design principles

In truth, almost every site has one flaw or another, whether it is a confusing user interface, complex design, or poor accessibility. For this discussion, you will browse online and find one example (and post with your comments) of a webpage that demonstrates proper usage of web design principles to achieve a good User Experience (UX) in a web page layout. Judge the samples with a critical eye. Look for elements of design that you can transfer to your work. List recommendations to improve the site using effective principles of web design.

For your initial post, the following are some helpful topics to get your research started:

How are web design principles used to balance design and content?
How does the grid structure of the website determine how the various design elements are organized on the web page?
Are images appropriate for the website content and contribute to the storytelling process to connect with the target audience?
How is the color used throughout the site to enhance the user experience?
How is visual hierarchy applied to typography to guide the user to content that is most important?

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