Identify your region and describe 5 ways your local water resources are utilized. Identify five different ways in which you personally use water resources and describe whether these are considered appropriate uses or excessive uses? What groups manage the waters where you live?

  1. Using the EPA Pollution website, identify three sources of water pollution in your area. Describe point and non-point source pollution, and identify which of these are present in your biome.
  2. Identify the provider of your drinking water. Identify three facts about the quality of your current regions’ water reporting. Identify the source of that information (citation).
  3. How is land used in your region related to water quality and quantity of water? Has this or any historical environmental use changed as commercial or other use increased?
  4. What 5 ways can you protect water through water management and conservation? Be sure to identify the impact you are making with this change. What is conservation, anyway? Provide specific examples.
  5. How do you think The Clean Water Act is helping protect waters of your region? If you live outside the US, how might it protect you? What do you think the government should do to help assure water quality? What specific problem do you see and how does this apply to water quality?
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