Select a company of your choice.  discuss:1. Competitive strategy of the company2. Which competitive priorities (e.g. see page 28-31) are most important for the company? What are the order winners and order qualifiers?3. How the supply chain and operations design of the company aligns (or is mis-aligned) with its strategy and competitive priorities. In this part of your project you are supposed to cover the entire supply chain of your company – starting with its suppliers and finishing with its customers. You have to talk about every single topic we have covered in class (go over our lectures and make sure you cover all the topics).4. Identify two significant supply chain risks (one ‘known-unknown’ and one ‘unknown-unknown’ the company is exposed to. How do they mitigate these risks? 5. Identify one aspect of the supply chain (or the operations) that your company is very good at. Discuss the competitive advantage this gives to the company. Make sure to frame your response using the competitive priorities framework. (This section should be at least 800 words long)

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