Wall St. Journal Activity (1-5)

Wall St. Journal Activity (1-5)
Each of these submissions is worth 3 points.
It is important that you start practicing what is a critical success factor for all business professionals: life-long learning. To do this business professionals typically read multiple newspapers and business magazines to keep up with what is going on in business in general and their specialization in particular. The Wall St. Journal is a premier source of business information that is widely read throughout the world.
You can find issues of the Wall St. Journal in the basement of the library. The Wall St. Journal is also available online at http://www.wsj.com/news/technology, but in many cases you have to subscribe to read a full story. There are student subscriptions rates available too. But you always have free access at the library.
For this activity you must identify 1 article related to information technology from the previous week and summarize it. For example, for the first activity that is due on October 29, 2015, you should select an article from the time frame October 22-28, 2015. You will be completing this activity 3 times throughout this course. Please consult the syllabus to see the due dates.
The article can come from any part of the paper, but many of the appropriate articles will come from the section titled “Business & Tech”.
For example, in the August 15, 2015 issue of the paper that section included several appropriate articles:
• “Now Atop Google, a Low-Key Chief”, which describes how Sunder Pichal will be Google’s next CEO
• “Web Retailers Teach In-Store Tricks”, which focuses on how web retailing methods are also appropriate to brick-and-mortar stores
• “Retailers to Test Payment App”, which is about a new mobile-payment application for retailers
• “Symantec Will Sell Veritas for $8 Billion”, which describes how the anti-virus software company is selling its data-storage and recovery business
• “Security Flaws Found in Some Money Apps”, which describes how some mobile money services have security problems
• This is just a partial list, so you can see that you will have no problem finding articles related to information technology.
What to Include in the Summary
The summary you write should include (a)a brief, one paragraph summary of the article; and (b)a description of what you learned by reading the article. The summary should be no more than one, single-spaced page. Be sure to include a complete citation to the article.

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