Wagamese, R. (1994). Keeper’n me. Toronto: Doubleday Canada.

Wagamese, R. (1994). Keeper’n me. Toronto: Doubleday Canada.

Project description
Students are required to read the following novel and submit a Book Review: Wagamese, R. (1994). Keeper’n me. Toronto: Doubleday Canada.
Reviews should be 1,000 1,250 words (double spaced) in length written in a standard 12- point font; preferably Times or Times New Roman. All references, in-text and bibliographic, must be cited in a standard form; preferably APA. Writing and referencing information can be found at http://www.wisc.edu/writing/Handbook/index.html.

1. Short Author Biography (Maximum 250 words) – How does he identify himself culturally?
– How old is he?
– What else has he written?
– How has he been recognized as an author?
2. What is the story told by the author? (Maximum 250 words)
3. What has been written about this novel? (Maximum 250 words)
– How was it received by the literary community (i.e. other book reviews)? – Has it been written about in academic journals or books?
4. What have you learned about the lived experience of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada through your reading of this novel? (Maximum 500 words)
5. What do you think of this novel and why?
you can use as many sources as you want, just make sure they are reliable

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