Vodafone Australia

Perceptual Mapping Analysis Report – Vodafone Australia

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а survеy рrojеct and the main major goal is to create a perceptual map(s). The construction of perceptual maps helps advertising/marketing strategists better
understand the positioning of their brand and the positioning of their competitors’ brands in consumers’ mind, not the advertisers’ mind. Commonly, a brand’s position
is the way in which consumers perceive the brand on features (attributes) relative to competing brands. However, the method of perceptual mapping is not limited to
attributes. You may consider consequences, values, and others (e.g., feminine vs. masculine, usage context, etc.)

For the project, students are to conduct a survey. Each student is required to survey (about 10 minutes) about 5-10 adults who have used the product or brand (Vodafone
Australia (https://www.vodafone.com.au/) (Note: The target segment is desirable). Students are responsible to choose:

(1) 2-4 other competing brands in the product category, and
(2) 4-5 dimensions (e.g., attributes, consequences, values, or others) as evaluation criteria. Find more details in the attached Task Instruction document.


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