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Wittgensteinian and Le Corbusier: between beauty and functionality

Project description
This is a final paper that is a research paper for a ‘philosophy of architecture’ class. I am requesting 8 pages because this paper means a lot to me as it will

reflect my final grade for the class. The main topic for the paper is to talk about three different reading materials that I had in the class. This is from the

assignment sheet: “2. Topics should use class readings as a starting point. For example, you can choose Kant’s idea of disinterestedness as the conceptual center of

your research. After you read carefully through the Kant text and your notes, you can pose a number of relevant questions (How does disinterestedness work in

architecture? Is disinterestedness even possible? etc.). These questions and your preliminary answers to them can become the introductory part of your paper. The

middle of your paper needs to explain how you arrived at these preliminary answers (usually this is where you might need some further readings to use as

substantiation). The third part is where you conclude how successful your inquiry has been and what further questions remain unanswered. 3. You should feel free to

bring in any outside sources from the history of architecture, architecture theory, philosophy, science, etc. 4. Drawings and other pictorial reference can be great

but I would encourage you to make sure that they have direct relevance to your argument. These are not mandatory, of course”. Please take this instruction quote a

model for the paper because that is what the professor wants. So what I choose as a paper topic is to focus the paper to be on the three readings which are going to be

1. Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, The Ten Books of Architecture. 2. N. Last, “Transgressions and Inhabitations: Wittgensteinian Spatial Practices between Architecture and

Philosophy” and 3. Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture. So I am really focusing on the ideas of Vitruvius about architecture more specifically beauty and function

in architecture and how Wittgensteinian ideas are related to the genesis of the architecture theory and how Le Corbusier is also related to Wittgensteinian concepts

and ideas about beauty and function in architecture. So the main argument in the paper is about Wittgensteinian and Le Corbusier ideas in regards to beauty and

function. for Le Corbusier reading, it is a book and so the function and beauty ideas are going to be mainly evident in the pages: 5, 19, 45, 53-64, 79, 111, and 113.

We should be using Marcus Vitruvius Pollio material as a way to start the paper and introduce the topic. So I imagine the first two pages or so to describe Marcus

Vitruvius Pollio theory on architecture and then relate Wittgensteinian and Le Corbusier to the topic from what Vitruvius believes architecture main elements in

architecture which firmness, functionality, and beauty. I will attach all three readings to the order; please do read them to have an understating of the material and

to be used as main sources the paper. Also feel free to use different (outside) sources in the paper as they relate to the argument. Please do your best to write this

paper and let me know if you have any questions. This paper is really essential to me and should be 100% original work. The professor is really big on plagiarism and

will take further actions to check the originality of the paper. Let me know if you have any further questions. I will be available 24/7 for this paper; I am paying a

lot of money for this and therefore I am expecting really high quality work. Thank you!


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