Virtual Teams in Action

Virtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter
Read the case study Virtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter p. 160, Ch. 1 (e-book); and answer
each question at the end of the case. Write a 5-page APA formatted paper. One sources must be the text book
listed below.
Managing Human Resources
Snell S., Morris S., & Bohlander G. W. (2015). Managing Human Resources. [VitalSource Bookshelf].
Retrieved from
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Each question has a minimum required number of paragraphs.
Must apply 3 chapter concepts in each question.
Please include citations (with p. #) for all content including external sources and include a reference page.
Clearly separate the answers to each question by including sub-headers/titles (do not rewrite the original
Case Questions

  1. Begin with a strong introduction to the case study. (2+ paragraphs minimum)
  2. What advantages did Lockheed Martin gain by using virtual teams? Explain. (3+ paragraphs minimum)
  3. Identify and discuss potential problems with using virtual teams—for example, interpersonal, technical, or
    geographical concerns. (3+ paragraphs minimum)
  4. Discuss the characteristics that virtual team members should possess. (2+ paragraphs minimum)
  5. What specific training should virtual teams receive? (2+ paragraphs minimum)
  6. Finish with a strong Conclusion (conclusions are not a summary, see the link to writing strong conclusions.
    (1+ paragraphs minimum)

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