Virtual Business Report Part A

Virtual Business Report Part A
Purpose To define the organisational problem, identify and explain the underlying causes and to identify and briefly explain the functions of management to which the underlying causes relate.
Length: 500 words
Group or Individual: Individual

Week 8 – ELECTRONIC UPLOAD to Turnitin by 5pm Wednesday 9/12/15
Link to unit objectives Objectives 2 and 3 (Graduate Capabilities AoL Goals KS 1.1, HO 2.1 and PC 3.1)
Weight: Formative

As a member of your management team, you have been asked to investigate an organisational problem in your virtual business(Panda and Mickey). Each manager of your VB has been given to same problem.Part A of your report is written as part of the final report which you are going to submit to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Panda and Mickey.

Your Task:
Recently an organisational problem has emerged in one of your branches and you are asked to address it to ensure that it does not get out of control and cause damage to the company’s performance.

• Analyse the problem by explaining and expanding the issue and relating it to the function(s) of management
• Identify and discuss three possible underlying causes of the problem and select the most likely cause
You are required to submit your work using the suggested structure available on Blackboard.

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