Violent partner relationships


A woman’s reasons for staying in a violent relationship are more complex than a statement about her strength of character. Discuss your thoughts on why a victim of intimate partner violence would stay in the relationship. What do we, as a community, need to do to address this problem?
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Many women are just vulnerable to find men that will abuse them such as physical, mental and emotional. All these issues are accountable to the acts of abuse in any relationship. For months and months, you are called names such as you are ugly, nobody will want you, you are stupid and lazy. A brainwashing pattern continues throughout the relationship, the victim becomes confused, controlled and disoriented. The attacks will last for days and days. As days pass the partner is hurting inside as she tries to restrain herself after hearing some of the horrible attacks and actions her intimate partner has addressed toward her. A few days ago, my sister told me her boyfriend put his hands on her and tried to choke her. She began to explain that this was the final draw and that she was leaving him. I explained to her this is not gonna change and I said you need to leave him now. It has been days and she still continues to stay with her man.

In my opinion, nobody should stay with an abusive partner. She told me he said do not ever do what you did and this will not happen to you. Her remarks were that she did not even know what she had done. This is an abusive relationship that she is in and refuses to leave. When he is around she will not contact her family and just feels all alone. The reason she does not leave she says its because she is fearing for her life. I believe she does not leave because she thinks that she loves him. I explained to her that it is not love being in an abusive relationship is not healthy at all it could even result in death. We fear for her life or she will be hurt badly my physical harm. This relationship is physical, emotional, and mental abuse. In our community, we all need to get involved such as if we see something say something. If we get a support group started this could help our community by helping a loved one get out of an abusive relationship or even stop one from taking the relationship any further.

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