Vignette Analysis

Vignette Analysis

This assignment focuses on vignette analysis and direct application of course concepts to the persons and situations presented in the vignette for each question. All discussions must take into account the legal and ethical considerations, as well as issues of culture and human diversity that may pertain to the situations presented below.

Please keep your responses focused on what is presented in the vignette. Do not add information but use your creativity to support what you see in the vignette as written. All assignments MUST be typed and double-spaced, in APA style and must be written at graduate level English. The content, conciseness and clarity of your answers will be considered in the evaluation of your work. The average length of this assignment is 10-12 pages total. You must integrate the material presented in the text and cite your work according to APA format. Use of the internet and the University Virtual Library is encouraged.

A team of experts from the Behavioral, Social Cognitive and Cognitive schools of personality has been asked to evaluate this case. Each team will discuss their view of this case in direct and specific context to a minimum of four (4) theoretical constructs per team. Each team will take into consideration culture and legal/ethical issues that might arise.

For this assignment you are to present this case from the viewpoint of each of the following teams of experts:

Pavlov and Skinner

Kelly, Bandura and Mischel

Ellis and Beck

Jane, a 38 year old, African American female, wants therapy but is afraid to venture outside of her home. She explains that this began shortly after her husband was killed in a car accident, in which she was a passenger. Her family is no longer willing to cater to her incessant demands, because they feel that she is using the accident as an excuse for attention. Jane tells you that she feels that she is no longer loved and just ?might as well give up?. She wants to know if you do therapy on a ?home-visit? basis.

Activity Outcomes

1. Distinguish between the major theories of psychotherapy

2. Identify the major figures that developed major theories

3. Analyze case studies by applying major theories for analysis

4. Assess interventions based on each theory

5. Examine the strengths and limitations of a major theory

6. Integrate course concepts through the use of internet resources

7. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and incorporate emerging relevant technologies applicable to the field of psychology

8. Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively

9. Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to the information and information technology

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