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Course 4 Assignment 1 (18-22 January 2016) (DMcK)
MVPH welfare assignment
PART 1. Visit a site related to animal production (e.g. a farm, market or slaughterhouse) and formulate a detailed plan for welfare assessment of some of the animals
there. You can choose groups of animals or individuals depending on the situation. Your plan should detail the context of the assessment (e.g. a holding pen at a
market) and should include the number, type and frequency of observations/measures you would recommend with some explanation of how you would interpret these. Where
appropriate, rather than making an actual assessment, your plan should define what you would assess in relation to welfare. This means, for example, you could suggest
a measure of body temperature without having to carry it out as part of this assignment. An essay format is not required and the plan can take the format of a series
of bullet points (2 pages max) with notes where necessary. It may be relevant to relate your assessment approach to a recognised welfare framework e.g. The Five
PART 2. Reflect on your plan in relation to the following questions:
1. How does your assessment plan relate to the different concepts of animal welfare? Have you placed emphasis on health/physical based measures, feelings/behavioural
based measures or ‘naturalness’?
2. Are your measures predominantly resource based (e.g. space per animal) or animal based (e.g. body condition) or a combination of the two? Why is this approach most
appropriate for the situation?
3. What are the advantages and limitations of your approach?
4. How does your plan relate to public health issues?

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