Use an example of foreshadowing from Macbeth

Topic: Use an example of foreshadowing from Macbeth

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Literary Devices in Macbeth

Foreshadowing is an instrumental literary device in Macbeth. Think about how events from early in the play are revealed to have deeper meaning as the story unfolds. Identify one excerpt from the play that uses foreshadowing. Be sure to explain its importance to the events that occur at a later time.

As you write, remember your essay will be scored based on how well you:

· develop a multi-paragraph response to the assigned topic that clearly communicates your thesis to the audience.

· support your thesis with meaningful examples and references from the text, carefully citing any direct quotes.

· organize your essay in a clear and logical manner, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

· use well-structured sentences and language that are appropriate for your audience.

· edit your work to conform to the conventions of standard American English.

Use any of the tools available to you, such as the Checklist, Spellchecker, or Graphic Organizer.

You may refer to the text of Macbeth here:

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