US National Security Strategy Policy Analysis

2002 US National Security Strategy Policy Analysis

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“Analyse the document’s key tenets in light of contemporary events; does the disposition outlined therein still inform US policy today? Do the arguments still frame the debate on sovereignty? Has the rise of “emerging powers” rendered the document obsolete?”

To answer this you must consider,
• What is the essence of the NSS? What does it say about sovereignty and intervention?
• What is the nature of contemporary US foreign policy? (look in particular at Obama’s foreign policy since 2008, Obviously it would be useful to look at more recent US NSS’s)
• How has the rise of the BRICS impacted on rules/norms on sovereignty and intervention and do these new rules etc. negate the ideas in the 2002 NSS?
Structuring Your Assignment
Your assignment should (ideally) contain the following…(Remember: these are just guidelines and you will not necessarily be penalised for deviating from either the word count for each section or the structure).

An Introduction (150 words) which includes both a brief synopsis of your argument and a description of the structure of your assignment

A brief description (300 words max!) of the 2002 US National Security Strategy

Your analysis of the 2002 US National Security Strategy related to the particular question you choose. This analysis must contain evidence of your engagement with the wider literature, including different perspectives. In other words, don’t just cite sources that advance a similar view; rather, show that you have read a range of sources making different arguments. The majority of your marks for this assignment will come from this section. I suggest that you don’t try to make more than three points; any more than that and you are likely to find the word count will trip you up.

A Conclusion which provides a brief (100 words) summary of your argument.


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