United Thermostatic Controls

After reading Case 3-3: United Thermostatic Controls, post your answers to the following questions in the first Chapter 3 discussion forum. Be sure to support and explain your answers.


  1. Identify the stakeholders in the case and their interests.
  2. Describe the ethical and professional responsibilities of Tony Cupertino.

Assume you are in Tony Cupertino’s position and know you have to do something about the improper accounting in the Southern sales division. Consider the following in crafting a plan how best to voice your values and take appropriate action:

  1. How can you get it done effectively and efficiently?
  2. What do you need to say, to whom, and in what sequence?
  3. What will the objections or pushback be?
  4. What would you say next? What data and other information do you need to make your point and counteract the reasons and rationalizations you will likely have to address
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